Simple DIY Tricks To Remove Stains From Kitchen Cabinets

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What makes a kitchen more interesting to look at are kitchen cabinets, so when its dirty its easily noticeable. Using the kitchen every day, leaves stain, fingerprints, oil stain and all this stains would build up over time that’s why its required to keep the kitchen cabinets clean.

Fortunately, I can tell you about a few easy ways of removing grease stains and how to deal with sticky cabinets, all I am trying to say is I will teach you a few methods on how to be cleaning your kitchen cabinets.

You can alternate between deep cleaning and soft clean in order to keep your kitchen cabinet flawless or pure. Allow me to provide you my best tips that you can use in cleaning your kitchen cabinets.

While  doing so I also talk about the most sufficient way to clean individual cabinet styles, because the ways to clean a glass cabinet is different from the way to clean a painted cabinet.

I am very sure you are excited to start cleaning your kitchen cabinet but before we start please do ensure all cleaning supplies are on ground and kindly read through the steps.

As you must know vinegar and baking sodas are coming household cleaners, you can check your cleaning supplies if its among for maximum convenience.

And almost make sure to speak with cabinet professionals or your cabinet owner manual to be able to know what kind of cabinet material you will be working with.

Because most times the difference between these kitchen cabinet materials might be tricky to spot.  

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Ways to Remove Stains on Kitchen Cabinets

Below are the most common things that stain your kitchen cabinets the most and how to remove them will be discuss.

· Fingerprints

When we cook our fingers get stain with lot of things for example oil which will leave stains or marks on kitchen cabinets. Therefore, to remove it you can simply get a bowl of water and your vinegar.

However, note when mixing make sure it’s a 50-50 solution of both, then moisten a cloth in the solution and use it to clean the oil fingerprints stains, after all is done clean with a smooth cloth.

· Grease

Unlike oil fingerprints stains, grease stains are larger but are not difficult to clean. All you need to do is to just dilute your vinegar and moisten a cloth in it and use it to clean off the grease stain.

But note, since the stain will be larger the process might be need to repeat to be able to get the smooth and clean surface you are looking for. 

· Food splatters

When using your kitchen countertop food can pour on it like barbecue sauce, ketchup cheese etc, when this happen use a clean cloth to clean immediately or as quickly as possible.

After that put water and baking soda on the spot and all it to sit for a few minutes, then rub away.

· Water stains

As you know to clean our kitchen cabinet we have to use water and most times water can leave stains so the best way to prevent water spots is to use purified water to clean your kitchen cabinet. 

· Scuff

Scuffs can be removed by using a soft easer. All you have to do is just to gently use the easer along the mark then clean with a clean cloth. Scuffs are mostly caused by tables, shoes or chairs.

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