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Wardrobe Cabinets

BFP is one of the most professional custom wardrobe cabinet manufacturers in China. At BFP, you can choose from a variety of wardrobe styles, including sliding door wardrobes, swing door wardrobes, walk in closet and more. There is a huge selection of colors and door finishing as well as wardrobe layouts. No matter you would like mirror door wardrobes, or glass door wardrobes; solid color wardrobes or wood color wardrobes, you can basically customize any style of wardrobes here at a relatively low cost. Our purpose is to help design and produce the wardrobe cabinet of your dreams.

Service features

Highly Customized Design

No matter how big your project is, you could get your own customized cabinets design here.

High Quality

Quality is out life line. Zero tolerance to defectiveness is our carried standard.

24 Hour Customer Service

Our hardworking sales team will be always online before, during and after sales.

Very Competitive Price In The Field

We always keep the best price we can base on good quality.

Wardrobe Cabinets Features

lexible storage options

Flexible Wardrobe cabinetry type options

We can supply both free standing wardrobes that is movable and adaptable to any locations or built in wardrobe that is customized only for you, providing you with the flexibility to personalize the dimensions, components, wardrobe colour combination, textures and organizational attachments to suit your specific needs and tastes.

Flexible Wardrobe cabinetry type options

lexible storage options

We provide a large number of wardrobe storage options for clients to choose from. You can freely combine the hanging spaces, adjustable shelves, drawers, pull out baskets, pull out tie rack, jewellery boxes, shirt shelves, pull out shoe rack according to your preference and needs.

Durable and environmentally friendly material

All of our wardrobe cabinets are made by finest materials carefully selected. Those materials can stand long time use, and must be friendly to environment.

Customer Reviews

BFP supplied whole house cabinetry for our 296 unit apartment project in Mozambique last year. We are very impressed by the quality and value. Everything has exceed our exceptions, the packing is good, the service is outstanding, installation is easy. Thank you all for your help.

It’s a wonderful experience to deal with BFP especailly connie. She is fantastic, quick responses, patient in changing of design to meet the budget,  professional suggestions in saving the cost. The kitchens look beautiful! We are satisfied with the quality, it looks much more expensive than it actually cost! We will use BFP again for sure.

I bought my kitchen, walk in closet, bathroom cabinets and other furniture for my home in France. I have to say the furniture look amazing! The quality and customer service is excellent! All of my friends are surprised by the good quality and the low price I have paid. Thank you for providing such beautiful products. I will recommend to you to anyone needing cabinets.

I’m so happy and overwhelmed to see how beautiful my kitchen looks after installation. If you only knew of the problems we had with our houses and our builder a few months ago, it was very stressful. BFP have been the best part of building my house. You, Wanda and Estelle. I never forget your kindness and professionalism. I want to introduce you and our friends and neighbors who also want to buy kitchens.

Learn More About Our wardrobe Cabinets

Installation guide video

If you don’t know how to install the wardrobe cabinets, you can find our installation guide videos by click here. There are installation guide videos for all kinds of wardrobe cabinet.

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Cabinet customization process

If you want to know how to custom a wardrobe for your new home or new project, what information you need to provide and how to order a wardrobe cabinet, please click here.

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Featured project cases

BFP has lots of project cases world wide, among them, there are high rise apartment project, luxury mansion project and individual house project. Please click here to learn more about it.

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Featured project cases

Wardrobe Cabinets FAQ

  • How much will one wardrobe cabinets cost in average?

    The price of one wardrobe can be very different. The surface and size of the wardrobe affect the price most. The different brand of wardrobe hardware and accessions influence the wardrobe price too. Sliding door wardrobe price is relatively higher than swing door wardrobe.  We can offer high end material like solid wood and affordable material like laminates to suit different client’s need. Our wardrobe price can be as low as 500 USD and as high as over ten thousand USD. But for same price, you could always find our quality is relatively better than wardrobes on the market.

  • What is the pros and cons of a hinged door wardrobe?

    Hinged door wardrobes are most commonly used wardrobe styles. For the hinged door wardrobe, you can have more choices of finishes, and style possibilities by making different door shapes and adding different handles. What’s more, hinged doors can swing wide open to show the inner structure of the wardrobes completely. Finally, the cost of hinged door wardrobe is relatively low than a swing door wardrobe, and the maintenance cost is lower than hinged door wardrobes as you just need to replace the hinges, not expensive sliding tack. The cons of a hinged door wardrobe is that the each door cannot be too big considering the load-bearing ability and durability of the hinges. Another disadvantage is that, it takes more space when the swings doors are wide open.

  • What is the pros and cons of a sliding door wardrobe?

    Sliding door wardrobe is one of the most popular wardrobe styles. It gives a modern sleek look with the straight lines in the floor and ceiling. In the meantime, sliding door wardrobes saves space, which is very suitable for a small room. The sliding track and frames enables the sliding door panels to be relatively bigger than the hinged doors. The disadvantage is that one side of the cupboard is always covered, making it impossible to open and see the cupboard in its entirety. Whats more, sliding-door wardrobes should be handled gently and not subjected to rough use while opening or closing.  Rough use may damage the alignment and cause the shutter to slip off the track.

  • What is the production time for wardrobe cabinet?

    Our production time is 40 to 60 days upon confirming drawing, PI, appliance specification and receiving deposit. 40 to 45 days for melamine, vinyl, and HPL door orders; 45 to 50 days for lacquer door orders, 50 to 60 days for solid wood door orders. If one order is more than 3 colors, then production time is 5 days increase in every color increase.

  • What are types of materials used in constructing cabinets?

    The materials normally used to for hinged wardrobe doors are melamine laminates, PVC, wood veneer and lacquer paint. The most widely used kinds for cabinet boxes are constructed from medium density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, particleboard with melamine. As wardrobe cabinets are usually very big in sizes, the plywood and wood veneer material is not commonly used due to the cost is very high. The mostly used materials for wardrobe doors are melamine laminated and box is particle board or medium density fiberboard.

  • What is the proper care and maintenance of wardrobe cabinet?

    Regular cleaning is the key to keeping wardrobe cabinets clean and dust-free. To clean cabinets, the best choice is soft cloths that are lint-free. Great types of cloths to use are soft cotton fabrics such as cheesecloth. When cleaning your cabinets, use natural products that won't scratch the cabinet finish or leave sticky residues. Water will destroy your wood wardrobes. Never leave water in your wardrobe cabinet for long time and avoid water leaking into the wardrobe door and boxes.

  • What is the difference between wardrobe and walk-in closet?

    Walk-in closets consist of an open space that already exists, while a wardrobe creates a storage space that can be placed in the room. This is important to consider because even if you may dream of a walk-in closet, the space available in your home may be better suited for an equally stylish wardrobe.

  • What is the standard size for wardrobe?

    The standard dimension is a minimum of seven feet by 10 feet. A single side closet is about four to five feet deep and occupes 24 inches of depth with 36 inches as clearance. A double sided closet can have two 24 inches storage space on each side.

  • What are the best wardrobe cabinet manufacturers / brands?

    List of best wardrobe manufacturers of 2023 are IKEA, ClosetMaid, ClosetsbyDesign, BFP, California Closets, Closet Factory, Lema and Boffi.

  • What color is best for closet cabinets?

    White, gray, brown, beige are all good choices especailly white has been the leading cabinet color in kitchen cabinet trends.


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