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BFP will keep on working hard to stay in the line of first-class products & service provider in construction and decoration field.

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BFP Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 to provide superior products with affordable price and reliable service to worldwide customers especially professional of the construction industry, or people happen to be engaged in project work.

Thanks to the enterprising spirit and craftsmanship spirit of it’s team, BFP now developed in to a respectable and well know ...

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Highly Customized Design

Now matter how big your project is, you could get your own customized cabinets design here.

High Quality

Quality is our life line. Zero tolerance to defectiveness is our carried standard.

24 Hour Customer Service

Our hardworking sales team will be always online before, during and after sales.

Very Competitive Price In The Field

We always keep the best price we can base on good quality.

Meet us at the fair!

BFP have been active in various exhibitions in different countries and regions. We will always attend exhibitions and visit our clients in the future. Contact us if you want to meet us for business discussion!

Established in 2013, BFP Industry Co., Ltd. is aimed to provide one stop solution for worldwide customers, especially for professional in the construction area and people engaging in project.

We have great confidence to offer you with excellent goods & quality service & competitive price!

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