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A transformation for Chinese foreign trade industry to enter a new stage, is boosted by China’s growing strength in global market. Away from the extensive growth model decades ago, Chinese foreign trade stand to be professional instead of making use of the asymmetry information readily. To be professional, the core concept posed to provide customers a full set of premium service with quality products, professional pre-sales, secure after sales, optimal solutions.


BFP was established with this concept. BUILD FOR PROJECT stand for our service field, which is overseas engineering. BUILD FOR PROFOESSIONAL position that our clients are overseas professional engineers and builders. BUILD FOR PEOPLE represents the essence of building, which is the habitat of human body and mind, as well as the harbor of family happiness. BFP not only provides professional solutions for customers, but also considers the user-friendliness and their life quality.


It is our unswerving pursuit to bring every customer quality products and wellness.


Designer Team

BFP has a team of professional designers respectively responsible for design solution, cost estimation, and production drawings to ensure the most professional service for customers.

Here are some of our star designers:


Working Experience:

15 years of designing experience, 10 years of customized cabinets design experience .

Major projects:

Sheraton hotel,Hilton Hotel, 166 apartment project in Albert Canada, 72 apartment in Mozambique, 60 town house project in Australia...

Design Style:

I prefer modern, concise while fashionable design, and I hope this  kind of design makes your life easier.


Working Experience:

10 years of customized cabinets design experience .

Major projects:

268 rental apartment Project in Canada, 164 apartment project in Mexico, 50 Villa project in Ghana. BFP Canton Fair and oversea exhibition display kitchen chief designer.

Design Style:

I care about every dimension and details of design work, and give full attention of clients living habit and family size, arrange the function areas and storage space reasonably.



Working Experience:

6 years of customized cabinets design experience.

Major projects:

Canada 118 apartment project, Canada Quebec Villa Project, Australia Treeby Townhouse Project, South Africa Nicholson 78 Apartment Project.

Design Style:

“ I pay more attention to humanized design, hoping to make your home life more convenient, easier and more comfortable. ”

We Are Family

What we are doing

Established in 2013, BFP Industry Co., Ltd. is aimed at providing customized whole house cabinets with competitive price and reliable service for worldwide customers, especially for professional in the construction area and people engaging in project.

BFP believe only “the professional” can serve professional, as customers not only consider about the materials and products, but also the impacts and benefits to their life and business.

What we have achieved


BFP start-up project was proposed, the founding team was founded.

1. BFP was registered and set up.

2. The Limestone project, CIELO CENTRO, an upscale 8-storey apartment in BRISBANE, Australia, was signed and executed successfully. The project covered production, transportation, installation guidance and after-sales service of 53 apartments with the kitchen cabinet, wardrobe and vanity in more than 200 rooms.

1 .Participating the Canton fair for the first time, followed by two consecutive sessions.

2. Completing over 30 engineering projects, with customers in more than 20 countries.

1. Participating DESIGN BUILD exhibition for building materials in Sydney.

2. Participating overseas installation and construction.

1. Overall improvement in platform, team, market and supply chain.

2. Participating:

Melbourne DESIGN BUILD exhibition for building materials


Thailand ARCHITECT exhibition for building materials

Myanmar MYANBUILD exhibition for building materials

3. Implementing factory siting, equipment installation and worker training.

1. Putting the factory into operation for various production tests and trial run.

2. Completing the trial production in advance with the products meeting the standards.

3. Participating:



4. Reaching a year-on-year increase of 151% in sales volume.

5. Launching partnership mechanism, adding one outstanding partner.

1. Under the pandemic, delivering the facial masks and other prevention supplies to customers to get through the epidemic.

2. Participating the first-session online Canton fair.

3. Upgrading the official website

4. Making the company promotional video

1. Moved to new office, the area is twice than before.

2. Having the annual promotion and it was a major success, which bring us more orders than normal.

3. A wonderful activity sucessfully is held to celebrate The seventh anniversary of BFP.

4. Exploiting new markets more than 10 new countries, like Netherlands, Germany, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago etc..

8 Years

80+ Countries

400+ Cities

6000+ Projects

50,000+ Families

Customer FeedBack

I trust your judgment and I am also hoping you could be My eyes, feel free to add your touch make it elegan. We finished my first cabinets in purchasing from China as I had been bought from United States. In this order you did am  excellent job with my cabinets and windows when I purchase them for my house.

So we are going to make petty and be ready purchase new cabinet for my hotel project.

Anthony,  USA

I have purchased kitchen from China since 2012, and cooperated with your team from 2019, my constructor and installer said your label mark and installation guide are perfect, easy to understand, they just open carton and put cabinet on walls or floors, which help us save much labor cost. When I check all details, I was shocked that every details are perfect including filler and all edge banding, your guys did good job! There are another 86 sets apartments is on the way.

Mark, Canada

Freddy, Doris and the team at BFP have been supplying us kitchens, laundries, vanities, linens and other cabinetry for our building projects in Adelaide, South Australia for over 5 years.

The team goes out of the way to help us meet our clients’ style and design briefs for projects from as small as 1 house up to multi-storey projects with 60+ apartments. Doris and her design team helped me with my own house last year and I love my new kitchen, and other custom details like my window seat with storage & open shelving.

Kate, South Australia

If you only knew of the problems we had with our houses and our builder a few months ago, it was very stressful. BFP have been the best part of building my house. You, Wanda and Estelle. I never forget your kindness and professionalism. I want to introduce you and our friends and neighbors who also want to buy kitchens .

Cassy, Australia

About our future

About future, we have no ambition to be a giant company with world-wide reputation, because our position not lies in consumer area. But we aim to be a company recognized by our customers, respected by our peers, and providing long-term development vision to our employees. Based on this conception, we adhere to the principle of being faith to the customer, being sincere to the peer, and being heart-felt to team members.

Over the past few years, a good business credit and reputation has been established, a number of high-quality talents with same pursuit has been pooled together. With the solid foundation laid, we believe that the future of BFP, like a towering skyscraper, will eventually rise above the clouds and be eye-catching.

Our vision for the 10th and 20th anniversary of BFP is to visit all the projects we have been involved in. It is our desire to witness how BFP's products serve our customers around the world and decorate their lives, and to enjoy the pride and achievement of BUILD FOR PEOPLE.

Customize the"only" cabinet for your dream home

You dream It, we design It.

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