Perfect Materials For Designing Laundry Cabinets

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Despite the small space allocated to laundry cabinets or rooms, they, however, house an integral part our homes. With this, it then means that a good sense of organization skill is required in order to ensure that a laundry room is kept clean always.

How can this be achieved, you may ask? Well, it is simple. With a laundry cabinet, washed and unwashed clothes can be properly grouped into different sections that makes it pretty easy to organize the entire laundry room.

And besides the above, laundry cabinets also serve as the home for other washing materials like detergent, fabric softeners, soaps and others. Due to this dual or even multiple roles played by a laundry cabinet, choosing the right type of material for this important part of your home is very crucial.

In this article, we shall be walking you through some commonly used materials for the design of a laundry cabinet.

The Perfect Materials for Designing Laundry Cabinets

1. Plywood:

This is a relatively low-material with great stability, which is commonly used in designing laundry cabinets. The maintenance of plywood when used for laundry cabinet is also low since it only needs a soft cloth and water to keep it clean.

Also outstanding about plywood is the fact that it doesn’t rust, fade or discolor, and during their construction, a glue and heat is enough to hold them together.

2. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

MDF serves as a better alternative to using plywood when constructing a laundry cabinet. MDF are made from recycled fibers that are pressed together using high pressure.

With this technique for the manufacturing of MDF, it can be said that they strong and durable materials for making laundry cabinets.

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3. Wood

Wood is a very good material for keep your laundry cabinets beautiful and classy without spending so much. Due to the flexibility and ready availability of woods, they can be used for designing and styling laundry cabinets as needed.

Outstanding about wood laundry cabinets is the fact that they require little expertise to install, and they can last for long period of time. Typical categories of woods used for the design and manufacture of laundry cabinets include cherry, oak, hickory, pine, maple etc.  

Without a doubt when painted and given other finishing touches, woods can make a very beautiful and an amazing laundry cabinet to behold.

4. Veneer

Veneer are made from a thin layer of hardwood peeled from a log. In most cases, veneers are usually used as a finishing material due to their lightweight, durability and stability.

Just like other materials mentioned above, veneer can greatly increase the aesthetic status of your home, and give you a beautiful and very secured space to keep your laundry materials.

5. Rubberwood

Due to relative low-cost and ease of use of rubberwood, they are also employed as a good material for making laundry cabinets. Very outstanding about rubberwood is the fact that they are hardly stained beyond cleaning, and peradventure they get stained, a soft piece of cloth and a mild concentration of detergent in water can be used for cleaning them.

Finally, rubberwood rarely catches fire, and the rate of discoloration in them is very slow.

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