Why You Should Choose Wood Furniture

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There is no household area that doesn’t suit the warmth, richness, comfort and finesse of wooden furniture. Tables, chairs, bed frames, shelves, chests of drawers, cupboards and even ornaments—the advantages of wooden furniture in the home cannot be overstated. Most of all, wood offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and peerless structural integrity that other materials can’t reflect.

As part of nature-connected interior design, wood can transform the mood of a room or entire house, creating a homely, welcoming feel and a truly 'organic' sense. It’s also not a fad—this material and has been used for furniture construction for generations upon generations, and as such offers a timeless quality that cannot be replicated.


1. Durability

There is strength and durability to a well made piece of wood furniture, especially when made from domestic hardwoods (that's all we use- Oak, Ash and Walnut).  Solid wood furniture is timeless, sturdy and built to last generations, even centuries.  This provides an incredible value for your money.

Wood furniture is a family-friendly choice as well, trust us, we've got 3 kids that test our furniture daily.


2. Appearance

Each piece of wood furniture is unique; even if you buy a dining set the table and chairs will all have their own charm. This is because of the grain of the wood; although all cut in the same direction, there will be subtle differences. A beautifully grained wood, like oak, will look stunning as a table top. Oak comes in white and red varieties; white is greyish brown, and red, as the name suggests, has a reddish tinge.


3. Versatility

Unlike many other materials, wood looks good in pretty much any setting. Wooden furniture can be a part of any design scheme, be it modern or rustic, and different species will blend together tastefully within one room or house. You might consider spotted gum or red gum for a large dining table and pine for a dresser: either way, these wooden tones bring a seamless grace to any home.

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4. Easy maintenance

Wood is simple to care for. Regular dusting with a soft cloth (old tee shirts are ideal) will keep it looking great. You can also buy treated cloths for your wooden furniture. Wood with a polished finish benefits from natural wax polish rather than silicone sprays. It is best not to clean wood (especially untreated wood) with water. This is because it is very absorbent. However, for sticky spills a soft cloth dipped in detergent diluted with water can be used. Clean it off quickly and then dry thoroughly. On the other hand iron furniture is prone to rusting over a period of time even it has been painted.


5. Gentle on the environment

With almost everyone preaching global warming and climate change, it is refreshing to know that wood furniture is actually environment friendly, as compared to plastic, which can pose damaging effects to the environment. Wood component manufacturers have also adapted reliable and improved technologies in handling wood to minimize wastage. CNC milling guarantees efficiency and precision of design while utilizing less energy.


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