What Kind Of Board Is Good For Kitchen Cabinets? What Should You Pay Attention To When Making Kitchen Cabinets?

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It can be said that it is a common thing to put cabinets in the kitchen. Cabinets are a very important piece of furniture in the kitchen. Now many owners choose to invite carpenters to come to their homes to make cabinets when they renovate the kitchen. At this time, we are faced with cabinet boards. At present, there are many types of panels for cabinets, so let's take a look at what kind of panels are good for cabinets? What should I pay attention to when making cabinets?

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What kind of board is good for kitchen cabinets?

Solid wood cabinets are high-end cabinets, very durable, mainly in cherry, walnut, and oak. The disadvantage is that it is easily deformed by the influence of temperature and humidity. The use of solid wood door panels should pay attention to maintenance. Generally, it is not recommended to use solid wood door panels in dry areas, because the panels are easy to crack. In areas where the environment is relatively humid, solid wood door panels are a more suitable choice, but the price is relatively high.


What should you pay attention to when making kitchen cabinets?


1. Do not use inferior boards

Inferior sheets are prone to formaldehyde exceeding the standard. The quality of the material determines the quality of the cabinet. In addition to the panel, the edge sealing and viscose need to be processed to ensure the environmental protection of the cabinet.


2. Hardware quality affects the overall quality

The hardware on the cabinet is the most important part of the overall kitchen, which directly affects the overall quality of the cabinet. At present, the quality of hardware has become an important yardstick for distinguishing cabinets. Consumers can pay attention when customizing cabinets. High-quality brand cabinets will clearly indicate the brand of hardware used. Consumers can compare and choose.


3. Gorgeous appearance but not energy saving

The sink directly affects the amount of tap water used. The double sinks can be soaked and washed separately, and the water is more reasonable. In addition, the setting of the gas stove should avoid the tuyere as much as possible. If it is installed by the door, the gas will be affected by the flowing air during use, and cannot be absorbed centrally, which will affect the work of the range hood.


4. Practical

"Customized" cabinets should not only reasonably arrange the operation area in combination with the operation process, but also the height of the countertop, the height and thickness of the cabinet, and the brightness of the lights, which should be considered comprehensively.


5. The shape of the cabinet

The shape of the cabinet is changeable, and the common one is a font, L-shaped and island cabinet. When consumers customize cabinets, they must actually determine the shape and layout of the cabinets according to the size of the kitchen space. L-shaped cabinets are now generally more versatile and ideal for small spaces.

By dividing the work area between two connected walls in this way, the ideal work triangle is obtained. Stoves, sinks, sterilizers, and refrigerators, with worktops between each workstation to prevent spills and overcrowding.

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