Traditional or Modern? Choosing your Wardrobe Design

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When deciding between a traditional or modern wardrobe design, there are various factors to consider, from your properties' characteristics to the advantages and disadvantages of hinged and sliding doors. Read on to find out more.


Considering your property's characteristics


When choosing a traditional wardrobe vs a modern wardrobe, one of the first things to consider is whether the characteristics of your home and interior design best suit a traditional style wardrobe or a more modern choice. Consider your current furniture – older furniture made from dark woods will match a traditional style of wardrobe design, whilst newer furniture made from lighter materials will befit a more modern design of the wardrobe. The original style of your home may also influence your choice here, as the age of your property may be appropriate for a certain wardrobe type.


Choosing a design style


Within the categories of traditional and modern design exist a range of design styles. More traditional styles include French Country and Rustic, whilst recently minimalistic and Scandinavian design styles have become very trendy. Decide upon which of these looks matches your home and intended aesthetic and use it as a base as you make further design choices.


Choosing a material


One consideration important in the perception of your wardrobe as traditional or modern is your material choice. Whilst materials such as glass are undoubtedly modern, others like wood can be used for either traditional or modern looks depending on the way they are implemented within a design. We recommend darker woods if you're going for a traditional look, or lighter wood varieties if you want a brighter, more modern space in your home. Glass and mirror finishes are ultra-modern and will make a room feel open and airy and go well with contemporary and minimalist design styles.

 ding door wardrobe

Hinged or sliding door


We would suggest sliding door wardrobe designs, and they're the focus of what our company provides – however, there are times when a hinged wardrobe may be preferable. In a home that includes largely older furniture, hinged wardrobes can come in a range of styles and storage solutions to suit your home and your individual needs. These traditional wardrobe doors fit well into older heritage properties. However, for most homes, we would strongly recommend our sliding doors wardrobes, the perfect modern wardrobe design. Not only do they save space within the room through their sliding door design, but they offer a modern and sleek solution to wardrobe needs in any style, from Shaker to Minimalist. The perfect modern furniture for the bedroom.


Wardrobe shape and size


Though modern homes are usually linear in their shape and layout, older homes often include unusually shaped alcoves and corners due to chimney systems, roof angles, and more. If your home has an unusually shaped location where you'd like a wardrobe, we can offer a custom-built solution for you in the form of a traditional fitted wardrobe. 

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