How Kitchens Around the World Look in Countries Across the Globe

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Human culture is infinitely varied and complex. Anywhere you go, you can find different cultural expressions in art, work, food, and daily living. And that's certainly true in kitchens around the world.

In this post, we'll take a look at a number of kitchens from around the globe. However, this isn't meant to be an exhaustive presentation of each culture. Every location has multiple streams of design preferences and influences. Rather, these are just a few examples that can open your eyes to what's out there.



Our first stop is in the Far East. Here's an example from a Tokyo apartment. Space is very limited in the city of over 9 million?actually, it's over 37 million if you count the metro area. In this space, the kitchen is hidden behind a retractable wall.

That allows the rest of the room to have multi-use capabilities. Also, you'll notice that the design of the kitchen is very minimal. It has all you need when you need it.



Continuing our exploration of kitchens around the world, here's a kitchen in a rustic home in the Spanish countryside. What it may lack in cabinet space it makes up for in charm. From the terracotta floor to the exposed wood ceiling, everything works in the space.



Morocco has long since been famous for its signature design style. You can see this in the intricate patterns on the floor, pantry doors, and the ornamentations above the window and doorway openings.


It can certainly keep your eyes busy for a while. At the same time, it all works together with the stainless steel refrigerator and the powder blue walls.




This apartment kitchen in Reykjavik is pure minimalism. The look is definitely clean and spacious. It also helps that the kitchen is open to the living area.


If you look closely, you can see a stovetop that blends into the black counter. Further enhancing the airy feeling is the ice blue backsplash nestled between pure white cabinets.




Brazil's climate draws many people outdoors, and you can see this space takes advantage of that. The kitchen has a seating area right outside separated by a retractable wall.


Surrounding the gas range is a bright orange countertop. This kitchen is in Rio de Janeiro and it brings some of the city's bright colors inside the home.




Concrete kitchen in Argentina with lots of light

Here's a kitchen design in Argentina that makes liberal use of concrete. However, the huge corner windows help to balance out the industrial look of the space. They also allow you to appreciate the surrounding scenery.


The windows bring in lots of light and brighten up the kitchen. In keeping with the modern design, the appliances and cabinets seamlessly blend into the room.




Kitchen in Mexico with Talavera tiles

Having visited a number of places on our trip from east to west, we end our journey of kitchens around the world in Mexico. This kitchen has a very traditional design, and it’s covered in tiles from head to toe.


We have hexagonal terracotta tiles on the floor as well as tiles that stretch up the wall. These are called Talavera tiles and are a classic Mexican design. These hand-painted tiles add a ton of excitement to the room.



There can be as many different kitchens as there are people in the world. Now, we've only scratched the surface with this post, but hopefully, you've found some inspiration.


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