Industry Development History Of Wardrobe Cabinets

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Wardrobe cabinets are usually a standing closet that is used basically for the safe-keeping of clothes. According to history, wardrobe was a piece of home fixture that was used only by royalties. In the 14th century, that is when the word “wardrobe” was first used, and its origin is traced to the ancient French words – garderobe and wardereube.


From the old French words, the term 'warder' was used to mean 'to guard' while 'robe' was used to refer to 'garments'. However, it was also noted that wardrobe wasn't only used for the keeping of clothing materials. Instead, wardrobe cabinets were also used for the safe keeping of some precious items.


During the era of King Henry III, it was also the duty of the house treasurer to also keep and maintain the welfare of the king's wardrobe.

 Wardrobe cabinets

Almost at the same time, Kind Edward I was also known to use one room, which he referred to as his wardrobe for storing his king's apparels and other precious materials.


Developmental Trends of Wardrobe cabinets

During the introduction of wardrobe cabinets as a safe place for keeping clothes, the first of its kind was designed akin a chest. However, this design was later changed to a wooden closet that has shelves and hanging spaces.


In some cases in most palaces, any room designated as the wardrobe was basically made up of lockers and cabinets. Later on, the form of wardrobe cabinets that looks more like a hanging cupboard was first used in the United States in the 17th century. Also, this new and refurbished version of wardrobe cabinets were also designed and export to England from America.


Worthy of note is the fact that this early type of wardrobe cabinets were really large in size and they were made majorly from oak tree together with a well-carved fronts.


At the inception of the 19th century, wardrobe cabinets were designed to comprise of a hanging cupboard with a press on to and as drawer below. However, there was a later improvement in the design of wardrobe cabinets, and this was graced with drawers, interior designs, fitted mirrors as well as drawers.


Going forward into the 17th and 18th century, there was a new and larger type of wardrobe cabinet referred to as Kas or Kasten. This type of wardrobe were very popular and common at that time places such as Netherlands and the US.


This type of wardrobes were made basically of high quality woods from trees such as cherry or ebony, and they were fitted with a locking key as well drawers.

 Wardrobe cabinets

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