2021 BFP March Promotion Event Was A Huge Success

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As the common Chinese proverb says, “The whole year's work depends on good planning during spring time”. Therefore, BFP, a leading manufacturer of high quality vanity cabinets held a promotion event from March 1 – 31, 2021.


The major aim of the promotion event was to seize the best time of the year to enhance our morale, expanding our global market and reward our clients.


During the period of the promotion, the whole promotion event had discount for four stages:


In the first week, there was the biggest discount for 3%. In the second week, there was a discount of 2.5%, the third week witnessed a discount of 2%, while the fourth week experienced a discount of 1%.


Frankly speaking, the March 2021 is one of the biggest events in BFP since its inception.


During the event, we also had a competition among different sales team and each sales. Every sales and every team has set their own sales target.

2021 BFP March Promotion Event Was A Huge Success 

As a rule of the game it was stated that the sales team that can accomplish the target, will win a big prize!! Then, on the other hand, any team that couldn’t meet the target, the team will have to go hiking for 20 kilometers.


That’s a very big challenge, you can tell! So, everyone in each sales team gave in their best shots to win the prize instead of the exhausting punishment in form of an unwanted hiking.


Although the whole game was a competition, we also hope everyone can enjoy it. For this reason, “Play happily, Play successfully” was the purpose of the promotion activity.    


Each one of BFPers attach great significance to this event. Sales, designers, purchasing department are all working hard together just to provide the best proposal to our client so that they can make the order.

One of the funniest part of is that each order the sales make, he can get a Chance to smash one golden egg game

During the promotion event, there was also a chance to smash one golden egg game with each eggs having lots of prizes inside.


In some case, the prize could be flowers for a month, snacks for a month, milk tea for a month and one biggest prize inside.


During the event, each sales team hoped to make the order and get a chance to win the biggest prize.


More so, it was observed that some clients are very kind to place order in advance, just to let the sales have a golden egg. Are these clients angels? I must say “YES”!

2021 BFP March Promotion Event Was A Huge Success 

2021 BFP March Promotion Event Was A Huge Success 

With all the efforts, the golden eggs was smashed one by one, and the biggest prize was taken by a lovely sales member named Tessa.


Guess what? The value of the biggest prize was 3,000 RMB travel fund. Although everyone was so excited about the prize won by Tessa, there was some droplets of envy in the air as everyone wished they would be the one to win the prize.


What a lucky girl! Besides the golden eggs, we also have prize for biggest order, fastest order and most orders for each week. Work hard enough, all these three prizes can be yours. Our colleague Estelle and Carina has done it! Excellent!

  2021 BFP March Promotion Event Was A Huge Success

The end of the promotion event

With the second hand of the clock moving past 12 at midnight on March 31st, the promotion event ended successfully.


Frankly speaking, BFP had fabulous performance in this event, and we return many thanks to all the supports from our clients, who pushed our sales to about 56 orders and $1.08 million USD total amount! Congratulations to BFP!


However, not all members of the event deserve a congratulations  because some had won so many prizes and money while some had lost so much money and “won” the punishment that followed.


And for those who won some punishment prizes, be ready to hike for 20 kilometers my friends. Don’t worry, I'm also with you. Hahahaha!!!


No matter what performance we have made in this promotion, this is not the end, it’s the beginning. The beginning of this brand new year, of our promising future.


We will surprise BFP, and BFP will surprise the whole world. “Play happily, Play successfully.” Expecting more soon....

2021 BFP March Promotion Event Was A Huge Success                         

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