The production process of BFP cabinets

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It is conceivable that kitchen cabinets are necessary household items for every family, but customers must first understand the process structure and production process of kitchen cabinets before buying kitchen cabinets. Let me give you a detailed introduction to the production process of our BFP kitchen cabinets.


1. Do production drawing


Draw kitchen cabinet drawings. First draw the kitchen cabinet's plan design, base kitchen cabinet exploded view, countertop view, three-dimensional view and so on. When designing a floor plan, it is necessary to write clearly that the drawing is drawn from the inside to the outside, and then mark the size of the floor cabinet, the size of the wall cabinet and the total size. The countertop diagram should mark the width of the countertop, the location of the cooking utensils, and the location of the sink. When marking, the center line of the cookware and the sink should be based on the cross section as the starting point. When redesigning the three-dimensional diagram, be sure to mark the position of the socket, and when designing the socket, keep it away from the position of the cooker to ensure that it is safe and correct in use.


2. Order materials


Next, I will tell you how we ordered the materials for the cabinets.


In recent years, the formaldehyde problem in house decoration has caused great harm and impact on people's health. Especially the environmental protection indicators of wooden decoration materials such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and wooden floors have received great attention.


The materials we ordered are all very low in formaldehyde content, and the selection of materials is selected according to the safety of the human body. The cabinet panels are waterproof and fireproof, with a high degree of safety.


 Kitchen Cabinets

3. Cut the boards


After the factory receives the order, the design department first deepens the drawings, and the material preparation department prepares various raw materials according to the drawings, and sends all kinds of plates needed to the workshop for processing. According to the size required by the order, cut the wood board into the required size.


4. Drill the holes


The boards of the kitchen cabinet need to be connected with nails, so we need to make the corresponding holes in the boards.


5. Do edge band


The kitchen cabinet needs to be made of side bands, because this is not only good-looking, but also can protect the cabinet from damage.


6. Painting


We also did some painting on the face of the kitchen cabinet, spraying 5 times, primer 3 times, and surface 2 times, with high hardness, up to 2H standard. Use imported ingredients for painting to prevent fading and yellowing, and enhance weather resistance and stability. The flatness and fullness reach the level 1 standard, the gloss after polishing exceeds 95%, and the edges of the single-sided paint are very neat.

 Kitchen Cabinets

7. Clean the boards


After painting, after the surface of the kitchen cabinet cools and solidifies, we clean up the clutter on the surface of the cabinet to make the whole cabinet look more tidy.


8. Check quality


After the kitchen cabinet is finished, we need to check its quality problems, check the edges and corners to see if there is any damage, where there are missing edges and corners.


9. Packing


In the production process of our factory, various sheet sizes, openings, and surface effects are generally checked before packaging. Batch engineering orders will sample 1-2 sets for trial installation, and packaging will be carried out after confirming that the products are qualified.


The above is the cabinet factory production process of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. If you don’t understand or want to choose kitchen cabinets, you can contact us

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