How To Spot Kitchen Cabinet Of Good Quality

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 Kitchen cabinet purchases might result in endless confusion: You need to consider color, hardware, and style. After you have chosen all of those choices, you should start to worry about whether you are purchasing a quality product or not.

Continue reading this post if you want to learn how to choose high-quality kitchen cabinets. Here, we shall discuss all the subtle characteristics of low-quality cabinets.

1. Plywood construction

Check the cabinet boxes to see if the products are constructed of particle board or plywood. The more durable alternative between these two is plywood. Cabinets of the highest caliber will feature plywood backs and sides.

By doing this, you can ensure that the cabinets maintain their shape throughout transit, delivery, and installation in your kitchen. Once installed, the sturdy cabinets withstand the weight of your kitchen's appliances and countertops and defy dampness.

Particle board's lower strength makes it less effective than plywood. Particularly around the edges and in areas with hardware attachments, particle board is prone to fracturing.

Additionally, the substance has the propensity to absorb moisture. Additionally, the material is tough if there are issues with the screws and joints.

2. Back Panels with a Full Height  

Have you ever seen a kitchen cabinet fall over? If not, consider yourself lucky since there is a significant mess. All of your kitchenware is typically destroyed.

A kitchen cabinet carries a substantial and sustained weight of cookware. This means that if the cabinet isn't sturdy enough, you can find a cabinet disaster when you get home.  

The back panel is the primary cause of cabinet collapse. The strength of the unit and how simple it is to install are both influenced by the cabinet back's design. Choose a sturdy cabinet right away if you want to prevent cabinet collapse.

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3. Softer-close latches

Cabinet hinges could seem trivial if they are out of sight and out of mind. You cannot, however, open and close the cabinet doors without them. The doors will quickly get loose, start sagging, or never close correctly if the hinges are flimsy or poorly built.

4. Dovetail drawer boxes made of wood

Poor-quality drawer boxes frequently have issues like the face breaking off or the bottom and sides sagging.

This implies that if you want your drawers to last, the sort of joints and materials utilized to create the box matter.

In the kitchen, where there is a lot of activity, the drawers are one of the first locations where wear and tear manifest themselves.  

Staples and notched butt joints are typically seen in the lowest-quality items.

Dovetail joints offer greater strength than these construction techniques. The two sides of the box lock together with interlocking teeth when employing the dovetail joint.

5. Interior of the kitchen cabinet

A smooth, non-porous surface that is simple to clean should be seen when you look inside a kitchen cabinet. The surface must maintain its condition for a very long time.

Interior surfaces of poor quality may discolor, bubble, or otherwise exhibit rapid wear and tear. Because you can more easily see what is within the container with a light inside, this is a good choice.  

Interior surfaces come in a variety of possibilities. The greatest alternative is melamine, which is used on plywood, particle board, and wood veneers.

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