BFP Big Promotion in September, 2021

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Quick to see! Though pass by never miss! We have a good news to tell all of our dear customers that BFP is going to have a big promotion in September. You must see the below picture on our website, right? If you don't know, please read the article to learn more about our promotion.

BFP Big Promotion

This promotion in September is the biggest promotion that we have never had before. The details of the promotion are listed as below:

1. If you place the order in the first week of September(9/1-9/5), we will give a 5 % discount for you.

2. If you place the order in the second week of September(9/6-9/12), we will give a 4 % discount for you.

3. If you place the order in the third or fourth week of September(9/13-9/26), we will give a 2 % discount for you.

4. If you place the order in the fifth week of September(9/27-9/30), we will give a 1 % discount for you.


What's more, 10% of the amount is good for getting the discount in advance. The sooner you place an order, the greater the discount you will enjoy!  


Established in 2013, BFP Industry Co., Ltd. is aimed at providing one stop customized home cabinetry with competitive price and reliable service for worldwide customers, especially for professional in the residential project and people engaging in project. BFP believe only 'the professional' can serve professional, as customers not only consider about the materials and products, but also the impacts and benefits to their life and business.


Please pay attention that the big promotion is only in September. If you want to purchase our products, please contact us and place an order as soon as possible! 

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