What Are Some Effective Ways Of Arranging A Wardrobe?

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Why do you need to organize your wardrobe? The first step is to ask yourself this question. Of course, it may seem obvious; you need to organize your wardrobe because it’s driving you crazy! However, you really need to pinpoint why. Is it because you can never find the clothing you want to wear? Or, is it because you can never keep it tidy? Or, is it because every time you go to find something, it’s in the wash? If you pinpoint why you need to re-arrange your wardrobe, you will be able to put a good system in place.


Clean and empty your wardrobe

This step may seem like it requires the least amount of effort, but it is actually quite difficult. “The process of physically emptying out your wardrobe is painful but a must if you really want to get honest with yourself about your actual wardrobe inventory and find out just how many black sweaters you own,” she says. You may even rediscover some favorite pieces you forgot about. Before getting started, take some before photos so you can track your progress. Then, pull everything—yes, everything!—out of your wardrobe and drawers and pile them into categories of different items, such as tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves, leggings, jeans, etc.


Once your wardrobe is empty, think of it a little like spring cleaning, and use it as an opportunity to literally clean your wardrobe, wiping down hanging rods and cleaning out any shelves or bins that have attracted dust to give you a fresh, clean slate. While the shelves are empty, measure the depth and width; you’ll use these measurements to determine which organizing products or wardrobe systems will fit best.

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Sort through all your items

Take the time to go through all of your items. You should separate everything into different groups. One pile should be for the items you are going to get rid of. You can give these to charity or sell them via eBay, for example. You then need piles for the clothes you are going to keep. You should separate these items into clothing you wear a lot, clothing you do not wear frequently, and clothing that is out of season. By doing this, you will be able to arrange your clothing effectively. Your frequently worn items should take a prime spot in your wardrobe. You may want to buy vacuum bags for out-of-season clothes so that they can neatly be stored under your bed until the appropriate season.


How to stay organized

Now that your wardrobe is organized, you might think your work is done; however, that’s only half the battle—you need to commit to a plan to keep it that way. The good news is, once your wardrobe is organized the right way, maintenance will be a whole lot easier.

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Make time for maintenance

Don’t let laundry pile up. When it comes to laundry, don’t wait until your pile is brimming over. Do small loads instead, which will make it easier and more manageable for you to fold and hang all of your items versus having to spend hours doing it on a Sunday afternoon or worse—letting your clothing languish in the dryer.

Continue to edit. A designated donate/sell bin right in your wardrobe will help you stay on track when you find an item of clothing no longer works for you.


All in all, there is no denying that keeping your wardrobe nice and organized can be a challenge. There are lots of different ways you can go about arranging your wardrobe. However, if you follow the tips that have been discussed above, you should have an effective method in place that enables you to get the most from this piece of furniture in your bedroom.


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