Maintenance of Kitchen Cabinet

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Owing kitchen cabinets is the best thing in the kitchen because it helps you to keep your kitchen clean and well arranged. It beautifies the kitchen.  Kitchen cabinets come in different designs and shapes and the shape you choose or how you want your kitchen to look depends on you.

However, maintenance of the kitchen cabinets is highly important; cleaning your cabinet regularly helps it to last longer and retain the color.

1. Regular cleaning

It is important and advised you clean your kitchen cabinet twice a week. When you leave your kitchen cabinet for a long time without cleaning, whenever you set to clean it, it will be tough work. Some surface stains may have stick to them which may be difficult to remove. When you clean your cabinet twice a week it will help you to prevent buildup stains which can discolor your cabinet. You must do regular cleaning.

2. Avoid the use of harsh substances and chemicals to clean your cabinet.

Most chemicals have too many abrasive ingredients which can discolor your cabinet. If your cabinet has tough stains remove them gently with a soft towel, putting chemicals can affect and destroy your cabinet. A cleaning product that has ammonia will destroy your cabinet and change the look. To avoid tough stains, you still need to clean always by doing this, there won't be a need to use the chemical to remove stains.

3. Ensure all your kitchen cabinets are closed.

Don't ever leave your kitchen cabinet to unclose. When you leave them open dust and dirt can freely enter and store up over time. With time, this can create a mess in your cabinet and even affect things stored in the cabinet. And when dust and dirt are stored up in the cabinet over time it can attract rodents into the kitchen. So always ensure your kitchen cabinet doors are closed always.

 Kitchen Cabinet

4. Prevent moisture in the kitchen cabinet.

You need to do everything to prevent moisture from your kitchen cabinets and how can you achieve this. Avoid hanging wet towels at the handle of your cabinets. Most especially on wooden cabinets, it is a big no. wood and water are not friendly and should not be put together. No matter the quantity of paint you apply to your cabinet it can never prevent water from having contact with the wood. So always keep away water from your cabinet and if mistakenly you poured water, clean it until it is dry.

5. Always use a natural cleaning agent for your kitchen cabinet

It has been said earlier that you should avoid the use of harsh chemicals in your kitchen cabinets. Instead of harsh chemicals use natural cleaners which will give you a clean and sparkling result. Use a mixture of water, vinegar, and a drop of olive oil to clean your cabinets. Vinegar helps to kill bacteria and remove built-up stains. And olive oil keep it shining and sparkling.

6. Avoid slamming kitchen cabinet doors

When you slammed it over time, it losing gradually without your notice, most cabinets that are of good quality don't make sounds, so it is always difficult to know when you slammed it. But when this is done over time it affects it and loosens the nut. So always close your cabinet gently.  These are ways you can keep your kitchen cabinet clean and tidy always.


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