How to Install a Sliding Wardrobe Door

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A fashionable way to enhance the functionality of your closet is with sliding doors. They speed up the process of getting at your garments while also freeing up space in areas where a hinged door can't be opened fully.

Sliding door installation is simpler than most people realize. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to set up a sliding door wardrobe in your house right now.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Sliding Wardrobe Door

1. Find out the length of your wardrobe.

To begin with, you must gauge how long the track slides should be for the bottom and top of the door. After taking your measurements, use the pencil to transfer them to your tracks. The tracks serve as platforms so that the doors may glide.

2. Map out your tracks according to size.

After marking the tracks with your dimensions, put on your safety equipment and use your angle grinder to cut the tracks to size.

3. Install the tracks for the doors.

After you've cut out your tracks, use your spirit level to ensure the floor is level before setting them down. If it isn't, pack one end. Further, through the pre-drilled bore in the track, drill a pilot hole in your flooring.

After that, use your drill to secure the tracks in place. If you need assistance holding the track while screwing in the upper one, ask a friend or family member. Even if it's a fantastic DIY project, you may still call for help.

4. Put the doors in place.

The rear door should be inserted into the aperture by first sliding it into the top track, then slowly lowering it into the bottom track. The second door should then be installed, beginning at the top. Check the doors one more time to make sure they close securely.

Why are Sliding Wardrobe Doors a Good Investment for Your Home?

You might not know it, but using sliding doors for your closet offers extra benefits. A sliding wardrobe door is necessary in your house for the following reasons:

1. There are several finishes available.

A limited number of designs and finish options are typically offered for hinged doors. There are many different finish options available with sliding wardrobe doors, though. You may get sliding doors in a variety of finishes in addition to the common glass finish.

2. They take up very little space.

Sliding wardrobe doors do not open outward like conventional hinged doors do. Instead, they are made up of two or three sliding panels that, when opened, stack one on top of the other.

They are excellent space savers because of their sliding nature, which leaves extra space in front of the wardrobe for movement about the room.

3. They have great fashion sense.

If you've ever seen sliding wardrobe doors, you know how elegant and fashionable they may appear to be. When compared to hinged doors, which quickly give a room a conventional appearance, sliding doors give a room a more contemporary appearance.

Additionally, you may use sliding doors to express your creativity by adding several glass panels or many gauzes. Even with current customizations, a hinged door will never appear as slick or fashionable as a sliding wardrobe door.

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