How To Increase Dustproof Treatment For Open Bookcases

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Open bookcase dustproof

1. The biggest problem with open bookcases is dust. It was covered with ashes for a while. The practice of diligent people is to remove the dust from the book, and use a vacuum cleaner or a rag to clean up the dust in the bookcase. Generally, we will open holes at the joint between the partition and the back plate of the open bookcase. It is best to open the hole in the corner where it is not easy to clean the dust, so that the dust can fall to the bottom bottom plate, and make the bottom plate and the back plate. It is easy to clean the dust, or it can be dropped to the ground by opening a hole to clean the ground, or a dust collection box can be placed on the ground under the bookcase.

2. Lazy people can only choose bookcases with doors. If lazy people like open bookcases, you can make transparent glass doors. This kind of bookcase is a compromise. However, if you open the door frequently, there will be fingerprints on the glass, and the glass also needs to be cleaned of dust, but it is much better than cleaning the dust of the bookcase.

3. If you don't want to install the door, you can make a dust cover for the bookcase, use gauze to make it, similar to the dust screen of the window. Some patterns can be embroidered on the yarn to make it translucent, adding a hazy beauty to the bookcase. The figure below is for reference only. It can also be used as a thread curtain. You can also put the books in the dust box, easier to clean up.


Open bookcase dust cleaning

Generally, dust-proof cloth and dust-proof paper are placed on the books in the open bookcase. Therefore, when cleaning, the books and the dust-proof cloth will be removed and cleaned together, and then the dust in the bookcase will be cleaned up with a rag and brush. Increasing indoor humidity can reduce the amount of dust floating. Or you can place an air purifier indoors. You can also choose a stain-resistant color to make the bookcase.


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