How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost: Discover How To Budget For An Upgrade

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Willing to renovate your kitchen but wondering about the costs?

When revamping the kitchen, you can't overlook the cost and budget. It's crucial to consider the expense of the cabinets before deciding on color or design.

It seems exciting to design the kitchen, yet we all frown at the cost because if you don't have the budget, you must go for another option that won't fulfill your dreams. You have to spend huge chunks of dollars to buy a bespoke design.

Kitchen cabinet layout, material, and kitchen space determine the cost. We recommend you spend 40% of your budget on kitchen cabinets. Since these act as the soul, defining the aesthetic and style and reviving your kitchen life.

Let us give you an idea of the pricing range to help you choose the one according to your budget.

Factors To Consider When Calculating the Kitchen Cabinets Cost

Looking for the perfect cabinetry to match your kitchen style within your budget? When choosing kitchen cupboards, you must know the cabinetry type, material, style, kitchen size, finishes, and labor installation cost.

Cabinetry Type

Wondering if you'll have to neglect the quality to stay within the budget? So, you're wrong. You can choose a perfect option at an affordable price range.

There are three types of kitchen cabinets, stock, semi-custom, and custom.

Kitchen Cabinets

Stock / RTA Cabinet

When you're low on budget, stock cabinets are the best choice for your kitchen renovation. It offers ready-to-assemble or pre-assembled pieces at entry-level pricing to reduce labor and shipment costs. You require specific tools to install the assembly.

Semi-custom Cabinet

Get customization options and many features at average pricing. You can choose quality wood species, standard sizes, styles, and finishes from stock or RTA cabinets.

Custom Cabinet

If you want to transform your ordinary space into a dream kitchen, custom cabinets better do the job. Expert designers customize your needs in the kitchen space. Custom cabinets are built-in with design specifications - type, style, and accessories.


Wood is always better for glossy, durable, and long-lasting cabinets. However, you can also go for more reasonable alternatives. Rather than hardwood, particleboard (smoother) or plywood (stronger) offer high strength, and its texture and strong adhesives make them stand out. For surface finishing, laminate or birch wood adds another cost-effective material.

Note: Plywood is 10 - 20% more expensive than particle board.

Some other wood species, including maple, oak, birch, pine, hickory, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), or bamboo, complement kitchen design. The average difference between these wood varieties and other types is $5 per linear foot.


Adore your kitchen space with unique styling. There are eight cabinet door styles accessible, which include:

● Slab (flat cabinets)

● Shaker (recessed panels)

● Square Raised (raised panels)

● Arch Raised (raised arch)

● The open frame (Single pane)

● Mullion (moldings)

● Louvered (horizontal slats)

● Beadboard (wood slats in vertical strips)

A minimalistic design like slab cabinets is the cheapest, while louvered cabinets are expensive. More intricate style, more expensive cabinetry.

Kitchen Size

Your kitchen's size impacts the cabinet cost; a larger kitchen space requires big cabinets, hence more budget.

The average price for the stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets ranges from:


Stock Cabinet

Semi-custom Cabinet

Custom Cabinet

Average Pricing per linear foot

$160 to $380

$160 to $380


Professionals calculate kitchen cupboard Pricing by linear foot. For example, a 70 square feet kitchen requires $1700 to $20,000 for small kitchen cabinets. And a 10 x 10 kitchen having 20 to 25 linear feet, the cost ranges from $2000 - $25000.

You've many options to save money on cabinets. Plan creative solutions and add compartments or lazy susans to increase storage space and reduce cost.

Labor & Installation

Labor and installation cost is half of the overall cabinet cost. Labor cost ranges between $80 to $190.

When choosing labor, check out the cost to get the one that fits your budget:

● Cabinet Installer: $35 to $65 hourly rate

● Handyman: $60 to $90 hourly rate

● Cabinet Removal cost: $55 to $85 for each cabinet

● Special Cabinets: $300 to $850

Choosing stock or RTA cabinets for your kitchen will be cost-effective since the installation cost is the same as the cabinets.

In addition, pro designers judge the layout and plan accordingly to add aesthetics, but it costs more. Handyman offers a cheaper service than an expert home designer.

kitchen cabinet

Average Kitchen Cabinet Cost

A kitchen cabinet costs $4500 to $15,000, including the material and installation.

Kitchen Size

Square ft.

Stock Cabinet

Semi-custom Cabinet

Custom Cabinet


70 to 100

$3000 - $12,000

$3000 - $12,000

$12,000 - $20,000


100 to 200

$4500 - $15,000

$4500 - $15,000

$15,000 - $30,000


200 +

$6000 - $20,000

$6000 - $20,000

$18,000 - $36,000

Stock or RTA Kitchen Cabinet Cost

For a stock cabinet, a small-sized kitchen (70 - 100 sq/ft) requires $3000 to $12000, an average size of $4500 to $15000, and a large-sized kitchen for $6000 to $20,000. Stock kitchen cabinets are one of the affordable choices - saving large bucks on DIY projects and shipping costs.

Semi-custom Kitchen Cabinet Cost

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets have a middle ground between stock and custom cabinets. These are pre-built cabinets with some customization. It costs $4500 to $15,000 for 100 to 20 square feet.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Cost

Custom cabinets offer more advanced customization options and features than stock and semi-custom kitchens. Its cost ranges from $18000 to $36,000.

What's the Average Price of New Kitchen Cabinets?

Considering new kitchen cabinets or RTA cabinets, you'll have to pay more than the average price of stock cabinets. Depending on the material and quality, new kitchen cabinets cost $2500 to $24000.

Since the material quality, storage, and durability differ, the average price for a new kitchen cabinet lies between $3000 to $30000.

How Much Do Different Cabinet Materials Cost?

Kitchen cabinet prices depend on the type, size, material, finishing, and installation. Kitchen cabinets are constructed of wood, such as plywood, hardwood, fiberboard, and stainless steel. But talking about the material cost, if you choose a high-quality, durable, and sturdy material, the cost hikes and vice versa.

Have a look at the pricing rates for wood, wood veneer, acrylic, and Laminate:

● Wood includes hardwood and softwood, where hardwood has more durable characteristics, and softwood is less durable.

● Wood veneers aren't completely made up of wood but are solid wood. You won't notice any splitting or warping of veneers, yet its outstanding quality lasts years.

● Acrylic and Laminate are shiny with bold shades; these materials add aesthetic to your kitchen. Acrylics offer optical transparency and stiffness, whereas Laminates are stronger sheets than plastic.



Wood Veneer




Less durable - durable


Good strength



$6000 to $12000

$4000 to $9000

$5000 to $8000

$5000 to $8000

Kitchen Cabinet Installation: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

If you want to go for a cost-effective solution, take on DIY to advance your kitchen space. Local cost, wood cabinetry type, projects breadth, and decides installation prices range from $4000 to $9000. DIY could save thousands of bucks, so the choice is yours.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation Cost

Knowing the installation cost before you call a professional for the fittings is better.

So, here we present the stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinetry cost per linear foot and overall cabinet installation.

Kitchen Cabinet

Cost / linear foot

Cost / Cabinet

Cabinet Quality

Stock / RTA Cabinets

$100 - $400

$220 - $500


Semi-custom Cabinets

$150 - $600

$250 - $850


Custom Cabinets

$500 - $1200

$600 - $1600


Tips To Save On Kitchen Cabinets

Whether revamping your kitchen’s look or replacing old cabinets with new ones, it would add up the cost. Cabinet material, quality, styles, and finishing all matter to hike up the prices. However, you can stick to your budget with these simple yet effective tips:

● Consider Ready-to-assemble or RTA cabinets: It reduces labor and shipping costs.

● Choose Affordable material: Pick budget-friendly options such as Wood species like wood veneer, MDF, or solid wood, such as oak or pine.

● Add minimalist styles: Cabinet door styles like slabs or shakers are cheap but add a custom feel.

● Pick Open-shelf cabinets: Wall cabinets take greater space, hence more money. Even though open shelving provides less storage capacity and functionality, it saves dollars.

● Fewer Customization: Keep cabinet layout and design simple Simplicity also gives a stylish look. Glass doors, matching panels, and decorations aren’t essential.

● Unfinished Cabinets: Don't paint kitchen cabinets because the wood texture enhances the elegance.

When buying the cabinets, the list of features won't be necessary. No matter what, your priority should be a durable material, even if you choose a stock cabinet. If you have a small kitchen, think of storage solutions and ways to improve efficiency.


Once you have a plan about the cabinet type, layout, material, and style, you can choose a practical option for your kitchen.

Whether you require simple, modern, or traditional styles, RTA or Stock kitchen cabinets are cheap yet functional. Considering both style and durability, semi-custom and custom cabinets are a good go.

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