A New display kitchen is set up in BFP new office

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A spacious and inviting new display kitchen is built in BFP new office right after BFP staffs happily settled in the new office.  This luxury kitchen is designed by chief designer Vincent with great attention to detail and a simple yet sophisticated array of materials, finishes and colors. It is built to give clients who don’t have time to visit BFP production base a chance to feel the quality of BFP products, to get a closer look at the details and finishes of this kitchen.

display kitchen.jpg

The new kitchen is almost 18 meters including 3 elevations, the island and table. It is designed  with very eye catching black and white two tone colors. Matt white lacquer color brings a feeling subtle understated luxury to this kitchen. The dark laminate color is very special, it is black base with white veins runs through it, gives it a very sophisticated feeling.  Gray conrete look quartz top and backsplash is definitely the star of the design, being complemented by warm LED light and glass door cabinets and white cabinets above which balance out the design perfectly. The wood desk and stools is an incredibly versatile material, it helps to add warmth and texture to an otherwise extremely industrial look kitchen design.

kitchen hardware & accessories.jpg

Besides it’s stunning appearance, the display kitchen is equipped with efficient and functional components and accessories. Plenty of drawers featured the design of this kitchen as we know that drawers are the best solution for kitchen storage, things will be easy to organize and keep tidy if you use drawers. Pull out basket for corner cabinets, can help you access the deepest recesses of the cabinet simply by pull out the basket.  Built-in recycling bins, pull down basket for wall cabinets and roll up door cabinets for small appliance are components that can create a more efficient kitchen workspace.


Surely this new kitchen is a success display and excellent addtion to BFP brand new office. It’s ready to waiting for the clients’ visit after the coronovirus.

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