What Material Is Good For The TV Wall?

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The TV wall is a key part of the living room decoration. Different people have different considerations when designing the TV wall. After all, the design needs, living habits and aesthetic pursuits of each family are different, thanks to the wall decoration With the upgrading of materials, there are more choices of materials for the TV wall, and different needs are met accordingly. So, which material is better for the TV wall? Today we will talk about this topic!


What are the common materials?

What materials are suitable for use on TV walls? What are the characteristics of various materials? Let’s first introduce the various decorative materials commonly used in TV walls!

① Latex paint

Latex paint is a relatively primitive and mature wall decoration material. If you want to save money and save troubles, then the effect of painting the TV wall with latex paint is also relatively simple and generous, giving people a natural and relaxing experience.

②Tile on the wall

Tiles on the wall to make a TV wall, especially some large-size imitation marble tiles, the overall cost is relatively cost-effective, and it can install a modern and fashionable visual sense, which is also a relatively advanced and elegant solution.

TV wall

③Slate marble

Compared with the ceramic tile on the wall, the large-size rock slab marble is installed on the TV wall, the overall splicing gaps are fewer, and the texture is more high-end; but compared to the ceramic tile on the wall, the cost will be much higher. Around, and the cost of the entire TV wall on the tiled wall may be less than 2,000 yuan.

④Microcrystalline stone

The texture of microcrystalline stone is similar to that of slate marble and other materials. It is good that the pattern of microcrystalline stone can be customized according to personal preference, and you can make the picture effect you want to achieve a more personalized TV wall pattern.

⑤Wooden veneer

Wood veneer is a simple and warm wall decoration material. When used on the TV wall, when matched with other simple and natural furniture, the overall effect is also very warm and atmosphere, giving people a visual experience of returning to the original.

⑥Art paint

With the increasing maturity of latex paint materials and processes, many materials have been derived from the basis of latex paint for art coatings, such as imitation cement paint, blackboard paint and the like, and the effect of brushing is becoming more and more personalized.

⑦Culture brick

As a decorative element of a literary and artistic style, cultural bricks bring a kind of uneven and orderly brick wall when used on the TV wall. Painted in white or red brick color, it gives people a rough and rugged feeling with literary and artistic comfort.

TV wall

⑧Soft and hard package

Soft and hard bags are also relatively common background wall decoration materials. Install them on the TV wall. This elegant and advanced material, according to the overall style of different spaces, produces a very warm, gorgeous and high-grade effect.

⑨Custom cabinet

In order to enhance the practicality of the TV wall, many people now make custom cabinet designs on the TV wall when decorating. By embedding the TV in the middle of the custom cabinet, and adding some open trellis to keep the space open, it brings It is a practical and concise TV wall.

TV wall

⑩Multi-material mixing

The effect of a single-material TV wall will be relatively simple and boring. In order to increase the level and design of the living room space, a variety of materials can be mixed when designing the TV wall, and the effect will be more elegant and atmospheric.


There are so many materials to choose from and you must decide it according to your needs. If you have any questions about TV wall cabinet materials, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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