Latest Trends in Kitchen Cabinets Design Inspiration in 2022

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In every home, the kitchen is the most often utilized room that serves as the home's heart. It is the residence of the house primarily used for preparing meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods) and also for housing cutlery, dishes, cooking utensils, and other kitchen appliances.

Therefore, most people love to keep the kitchen space neat and well-furnished for storage and organization. This makes it important to furnish your kitchen space with kitchen cabinets.

Having kitchen cabinets allow you to get more cooking and storage space in your kitchen which increases the functionality of your kitchen.

Thinking of designing your kitchen with the latest kitchen cabinet designs? If Yes, in this article, I will be sharing with you the latest and current trends of kitchen cabinet design dominating in 2022 to inspire on getting it done.

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What are the popular trends in kitchen cabinet design in 2022?

Lately, there have been some trends moving the world of the design of kitchen cabinets in 2022. Understanding these latest trends can offer you ample insight into how best to design or remodel your kitchen cabinets to refresh your kitchen space.

Here are the current trends in kitchen cabinet design dominating in 2022.

1. Use of new wooden materials for designing kitchen cabinets

As far as natural wooden kitchen cabinets go, light and medium oak are the latest wood materials considered for designing kitchen cabinets in 2022. Also, the use of less hardware wood is the trend in making a statement in 2022 for kitchen cabinets.

2. Classic white color for kitchen cabinets

The most common and popular kitchen cabinet color trend for 2022 is still white. Classic white cabinets have a high resale value and are timeless.

Classic white cabinets have a classic look that appeals to buyers and homeowners alike. This covers a wide range of white hues, including cream, cool white, and warm white.

Also, they provide several psychological advantages, including balance, particularly in a disorganized and messy kitchen. White also complements the majority of kitchen designs, making it almost always safe to incorporate this style into your own space.

3. Handleless kitchen cabinets

One of the biggest trends for 2022 is kitchen cabinets without handles, which have a more minimalistic, streamlined appearance. It's all about keeping things simple and emphasizing cabinetry details.

4. Colorful accents: gorgeous greens, citrus shades, and ocean blues

New color inspirations for kitchen cabinets gaining popularity in 2022 are gorgeous greens, ocean blues, and citrus shades.

These new colors incorporate the outward beauty of the natural environment into your kitchen. Such that when you or visitors walk into your kitchen, it's difficult not to smile due to these color tones.

5. Shaker cabinets

One of the most popular cabinet designs for kitchens of all types in 2022 is the shaker cabinets which have quickly gained popularity.

With any hardware, the straightforward square-paneled doors look beautiful. This kitchen's dark-hued shaker cabinets and striking brass hardware give the room a clean, contemporary feel.

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