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Wardrobe is an essential bedroom furniture that focuses on functional practicality. A good wardrobe should have a user-friendly storage system and a refined appearance, and can add to the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. So the choice of wardrobe is an art and a learning. So, how to choose custom wardrobes and ready-made wardrobes?

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Custom Wardrobe.

Advantage 1

Personalized appearance style, perfect integration of home decoration style

Most people have experienced the east search and even want to dig the ground three feet, still can not find the ready-made wardrobe with the uniform coordination of home decoration style. Custom wardrobe can be based on the characteristics of home decoration style casual design, a good way to meet people's needs for personalized style.

Advantage 2

No waste of space, practical and practical.

Custom wardrobe can be completely designed according to the needs of the owner, which can naturally maximize the space utilization rate and effectively solve the pain points of many small bedrooms. The layout and function can be customized to greatly meet the individual needs of the owner, and the practicability is guaranteed.

Disadvantage 1

It takes a long time and the process is tedious.

The choice of custom furniture is to spend some effort to plan, select materials, design, so the audience is relatively professional, and from the order to the production process inevitably need to communicate repeatedly, it is complicated operation, product production to installation and use, the whole cycle of at least half a month.

Disadvantage 2

High threshold, high price.

Most of the customized products have a starting price threshold, and because the single product is not suitable for mass production, the price is still more expensive than the ready-made wardrobe of the same shape quality.

Ready-Made Wardrobe.

Advantage 1

The price is close to the people and intuitive to buy.

Under normal circumstances, the ready-made wardrobe is at least 20% cheaper than the same custom wardrobe. The purchase of ready-made wardrobes can be observed on the spot, and the quality details can be controlled intuitively to a large extent.

Advantage 2

Modular combination, no need to fix mobile, flexible and convenient.

The ready-made wardrobe in addition to the independent cabinet and the combination of products, in the limited framework according to the demand to match the combination, door-to-door installation without fixed position, later can be moved according to the required position.

Disadvantage 1

Style limited, not easy to match.

Of course, it is not that the ready-made wardrobe style is less, on the contrary, sometimes in the face of a dazzling array of goods, it is more difficult to buy a satisfactory.

Disadvantage 2

The size is limited, and the space cannot be saturated.

Ready-made wardrobes generally only provide normal specifications, even a combination of ready-made wardrobes, it is difficult to achieve saturated use of space.

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In summary, it is not difficult to see that each has its own advantages and disadvantages, from a functional and practical point of view, customized wardrobes dominate. From an economic point of view, the ready-made wardrobe has a slight advantage. However, with the promotion of personalized decoration concept in the market in recent years, it has formed the consumption criteria recognized by modern people, and then derived a large number of customized furniture brands, which seems to have covered the momentum of traditional finished furniture, including wardrobe customization belongs to the fist products in customized furniture, and is currently the main product of each company.

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