Bookcases: Merging Functionality with Aesthetic Appeal

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Every modern and aesthetic home has bookcases in it. These are not only for showing off your book collection but work as amazing decorative pieces for homes as well. However, needing a bookcase in a home does not mean that you can stick to the traditional design options. Today, we have styles that look aesthetic while offering more functionality than traditional styles.

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Tips on merging functionality with aesthetic appeal when designing the bookcases for your place

Here are our top tips you may follow for merging functionality with aesthetic appeal when designing bookcases for your place.

1. Get a structural size that meets your basic needs from the bookcases

You need to start by assessing your need for the bookcase since there are big and small options. Some people only need a small one while some need to cover a bigger space in their home, so they go with a bigger bookcase. An important consideration will be the size of books and other decorative elements that you plan to place on the bookcase.

2. Choose a style that will complement your interior theme

Next, you need to choose the style. This is something where you don't have any limits, but you must ensure that the style you pick matches with the rest of your home decor theme. So, check if your home has a rustic, electric, modern, or traditional design theme and select your bookcase theme accordingly.

3. Play with proportions, as you don't need to stay uniform

Since you will be balancing aesthetics with functionality you can match with proportions as you want. There is no need to create uniform shelves since you can design different sections as you want. Focus on creating space that will conveniently house everything you want to place in the bookcase, and you will be done.

4. Add electronic features to the bookcases.

Don’t forget to incorporate electronic features into bookcases to make them functional and modern at the same time. The top additions for any bookcase will be:

· Built-in lights that will make the decorations pop out in the environment

· Built-in electrical sockets where you can power custom lamps or other devices.

· Wireless chargers are built into the surface so you can charge your smartphones and other gadgets.

These will ensure to bring all the modern features to your bookcase.

5. Consider going for built-in bookcases to maximize aesthetics.

If you are rebuilding or renovating your place, then you can opt for built-in bookcases. These are built into the surface of your wall or cabinet instead of sticking out of the wall. It is a great way of using your space efficiently but always keeps a balance between function and display. When designed this way, you will utilize your space more aesthetically, and it will give a more spacious outlook.

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