Bookcase And Bookshelf: What Is The Difference

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A bookcase is a large partitioned piece of furniture that houses several items on different shelves. Most of the time, the bookcase has doors that prevent dust and guide items in it from falling.

Unlike bookshelves that are made from materials like metal, glass, and wood. Bookcases are often bigger than bookshelves and a bookcase cabinet is a multiple of bookshelves even though bookshelves come in various styles, and sizes, from easy to complex designs as well as tiny to big ones.

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Major differences between Bookcase cabinets and Bookshelves

So, what are the differences between a bookcase cabinet and a bookshelf?  Many often confuse these two terms but in reality, bookshelves and bookcase cabinets are different types of furniture. Here are some of the differences.

1. Usage as well as functionality

One major difference between bookshelves and bookcase cabinet center on their usage. While bookcase cabinets are huge and are always positioned on the floor bookshelves on the other hand are hung on the wall or the floor.

So, a bookcase cabinet serves as storage for big textbooks, important or fragile items, atlases as well as porcelain vases. But bookshelves are most often than not, used to exhibit family photography, precious properties, and other fascinating items.

Bookcase cabinets are used in entertainment centers and in offices to store office stationery. Many of these bookcases come with in-built drawers as well as several cabinets that serve as extra depository space.

For your lamps, flowers, and other tiny fragments of decoration you can use bookshelves to hold them. And due to its size, it can be fixed anywhere therefore, you can put your children’s books and lighter items on it

2.   Design and size

Bookcase cabinets are always heavy containing numerous units of shelves. That is why many distributors refer to bookcase cabinets as shelving units. The design of the bookcase cabinet is such that, due to its weight and size are positioned on the floor through its four legs.

It has three of its four sides closed and the remaining front side fixed with a door. It comes in various sizes and shapes, from small to large, cube-shaped to multi-shelf bookcase cabinets.  

Bookshelves are light and horizontal that need a support system. It also has various sizes and shapes but most often than not, is always smaller than a bookcase cabinet. Bookshelves can be built from glasses, wood, plastic, and metals.

3. Price

Bookcase cabinets are more expensive than bookshelves. This is because bookcases are huge and heavy. it comprises numerous units of bookshelves.

4. Portability

Bookshelves are light and small. You can easily move them around the rooms, climb stairs, or relocate to another place. Notwithstanding, bookshelves are installed on a wall, you would have to dismantle them from the walls before you could move them around.

But bookcase cabinets are huge and weighty, therefore, you can’t easily move them around like bookshelves. You would probably need the service of a professional to move your cabinet if you don’t want to damage it.

5. Purpose

If you intend to have a multi-shelving unit for your office or home that serves as a storage device for fragile items, art, documents, family photo album, textbooks, paperbacks, etc. with each item properly partitioned, a bookcase cabinet is what you need.

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